Larry Ferlazzo has a brilliant post outlining some of the best online learning games of 2011.  Some of the games he has included, which I also find brilliant are:

BBC Bitesize – Bitesize over at BBC has a range of games inlcuding: Destination Death (for Spanish, French or German), State of Debate (for English language), Bitesize Bingo (for Maths, Science, English, History or Geography), Spherox the Search for Home (for Maths, English or Science), plus a few more.

Spelling City – students can enter in their own spelling words and the site comes up with a range of games to help them learn their vocabulary.

Cast Your Vote (iCivics) – is an online game, set up in a debate style, where students ask questions and select responses to the questions which they find most persuasive.

Zondle – a brilliant selection of games which can incorporate a vast number of topic areas.


Check out Larry’s full list: The Best Online Learning Games of 2011